Power Supply Repair Costs

To help you keep your power supply repair costs as low as possible, please consider providing the following information when you send your power supply to us.

  1. Documentation, such as interconnection diagrams, schematics, operation manuals and service manuals - the supply of any documentation you have associated with the power supply reduces the time required to source this material ourselves.
  2. Power supply failure symptoms - please make these as comprehensive as possible. Don't worry if you can provide little detail- but the more information you can provide about the circumstances of failure the quicker our job will be. Information including status of outputs, lights, what was connected at the time of failure will all help. What happened before failure, at failure, after failure, was there any smoke or smells associated with failure?
  3. Any host equipment. If your power supply is connected to other equipment we need to know what and in some circumstances may require the host equipment to be sent to us to allow for comprehensive testing.

Over 5000 different models of power supply successfully repaired

From more than 1000 different manufacturers, if we have not repaired your power supply we have repaired one like it.

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