NATA Calibration Models

As part of our repair and refurbishment service we offer a calibration service.  We offer non-standard specialised calibrations often for high power units. We provide NATA calibration for those industries that require it. We calibrate many different instruments to manufacturers specifications, taking into account clients specified test points as required.  Calibration periods can be anything from 6 months to 2 years. The more complex units are calibrated manually to ensure that test parameters are thoroughly checked.

We are accredited to NATA ISO17025 see our scope here.

Some of the more specialised models we regularly calibrate to NATA ISO 17025 standards are :-

California Instruments - 2001RP-AV

California Instruments - 4500L-3P-LF-UP

Chroma - 6314

Chroma -  63202

Christie Electric Corp - CASP2000L

Christie Electric Corp - RF80K

Hamilton Standard - AD33480-4

Hamilton Standard - AD33480-2

Xantrex - XFR 300-9

Xantrex - XMP-04-A1Y-B1Y-C1Y-0-01-1

Xantrex- XDC60-100

Horizon Instruments - Testron 2400K

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